COMMIT 2B FIT - Commit To Be Fit Studio

Schedule an appointment* to guarantee your spot in our weekly studio classes. 

We limit the space in each class so that each individual
can receive the attention they need to Kick butt!

Walk-ins are welcome but priority is given to those with scheduled appointments.
Babysitting is available for any of my classes for a $5 charge. Please notify us 24 hours prior.

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* We understand that things come up.  If you need to cancel, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. *

Signature Classes

Come get your Butt - Kicked in this fun, high energy Kick-butt class. I promise you results and how am I able to this? I am always changing up the workouts so your body doesn’t adapt. In this class we mainly use your own bodyweight for resistance. For example - squats, lunges, push-ups and triceps dips. I also incorporate circuits, drills and ab workouts for a combination that keeps you on your toes and never getting bored. The 45 minute or 1 hour session flies by with great music and a lot of enthusiasm and motivation.

Come punch your way to a Kick-butt work out! I incorporate cardio moves with basic boxing moves for a workout that keeps you on your toes literally. Drills, 20-45 second Cardio Burst and a great core workout will keep you coming back to get your butt-kicked.

Grab your friend or drag your hubby to get his butt-kicked. Show them what it feels like to get his butt-kicked and they will never give you crap for complaining about your sore muscles. Tell them to suck it on Saturday and get there or you will have to hear it from your Kickbutt Coach Monday.

KATIE'S KICKBUTT® CARDIO KICK - Punch and Kick your way to an Kickbutt Work out! In my Cardio Kick Class I incorporate basic boxing and cardio moves ending with core exercises to make this hour long fly by with energy and enthuasiasm! 

Healthy habits should start young. As a former Art Teacher I love working with children and I'm excited to add this fun class to my schedule. Let your kids get that energy out while I teach them how to fuel up their bodies to stay healthy and run faster.